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FrightFest: Beneath the Dark Heart of Cinema - Premiere

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

24 Foot Square have announced that the documentary FRIGHTFEST: BENEATH THE DARK HEART OF CINEMA will receive its in London at this year's Arrow Video FrightFest. The film will screen at the legendary Prince Charles Cinema, Leicester Square, on Friday 24th August 2018 at 11.10 AM in Discovery Screen One.

Featuring a mix of newly recorded interviews, archive and behind the scenes footage, FRIGHTFEST: BENEATH THE DARK HEART OF CINEMA casts an unflinching eye over the history of one of the world's leading genre festivals. Find out what happens when four unlikely partners are thrown together into a high pressure festival environment.

Writer and Director: Chris Collier


Greg Day

Alan Jones

Paul McEvoy

Ian Rattray


Chris Collier

Craig Lakin Ennis


Craig Lakin Ennis

Music Composers:

Joe Chapman

Cold Pierre


The organisers and fans chart the history of the festival and discuss the key films and events that have helped shape the event since its inception in 2000, and attempt to explain what’s been behind the festival's ever growing success.A host of filmmakers including Adam Green (HATCHET), Joe Lynch (MAYHEM) and Dominic Brunt (ATTACK OF THE ADULT BABIES) also talk about their relationship with the festival and the impact it’s had on their careers.

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